Sunday, July 26, 1992

the name game redux

It should be common knowledge that all of the character names in Classic Star Trek, including Spock, were stolen from the pages of the early, less widely known, works of Shakespeare.

New research indicates that previous drafts of Macbeth featured a Scottish king named Kirk who was murdered by the Thane of Cawdor, an enterprising man named MacCoy. also the working title of the play.

Toward the end of the play, Lady MacCoy throws a beggar out of the castle, crying, "Out, out, damn Spock!"  The pretender king, MacCoy, is killed in a brutal sword fight with a Scotsman called "Scotty."
In later drafts, his name was changed to MacDuff.

Also, the first draft of Hamlet was originally called Hikaru.  It featured a young Danish prince who was convinced his father, the late King Chekov had been killed by Hikaru's uncle Sulu.  Hikaru's odd behavior eventually causes his girlfriend Uhura to go mad and drown herself.

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