Thursday, July 20, 1995

'Murder, She Wrote,' reconsidered

My brother and I fell had a discussion about Larry Niven's Known Space books that somehow meandered its way into the teevee show "Murder, She Wrote."  (Don't ask me how we managaed that one; I can't see any connection between the Ringworld and Jessica Fletcher, though I have to admit that the thought of a few kzinti running around Cabot Cove is one I find appealing.)

Anyway, we fell to discussing the curiosity of so many people's dying around Miss Fletcher.  Our ideas ranged from her simply leaving in a bizarre neck of the woods to the possibility that she was under a curse inherited from her grandfather, who defiled an ancient mummy's tomb, along with some more chilling possibilities.  My brother developed the thought substantially after our discussion, and I now share the result with you:

For years now, the people of Cabot Cove have been dropping dead, left and right.  All except for a certain Jessica Fletcher and her friends. (Some of whom are members of the local constabulary!)

The phenomenon isn't limited to Cabot Cove though.  Everywhere Ms. Fletcher goes, there always seems to be a suspicious death of some sort.  In fact, on a few occasions, it's even seemed likely that Ms. Fletcher herself was responsible for the deaths and suspicion has only been diverted from her at the last moment.

Quite an interesting string of coincidences, huh?  Most interesting of all, nobody has ever conducted an investigation into this string of happenstance -- remember up above where I mentioned that some of Ms. Fletcher's friends were members of the local police force?

Recently, a young FBI agent noticed the string of murders following Ms. Fletcher around the world.  He came into Cabbot Cove a few days ago investigating the possibility that Jessica Fletcher was in fact a major East Coast crime boss.

His theory was that Ms. Fletcher created elaborate scenarios for her murder mystery books and then, in order to test how believable the stories were, would hire two-bit out-of-town hoods to do the actual dirty work.  If she were ever implicated, one of Ms. Fletcher's lieutenants would step in and allow his- or her-self to be "caught" in some incriminating circumstance.  Ms. Fletcher would then hire a team of hotshot lawyers and said lieutenant would be back on the streets within six months.

This morning, the FBI agent was found floating dead in the harbor....

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