Friday, July 29, 2005

the artist triumphant

I had a rather amusing experience with Evangeline today when I was taking her to run some errands in the afternoon.

Eowyn has been experimenting with computer illustration as well

Evangeline has been experimenting with computer illustration as well. This is her depiction of the sun, from a recent drawing of "Abiyoyo."

For about six months this year, Evangeline took art lessons over at the Art Academy of Hoover Point. I've been unsure about enrolling her in any further courses because we had a few problems with her behavior. Essentially, she and her teacher had a few personality conflicts on a couple of the assignments. Evangeline, being 5 years old, didn't want to do some of the projects a certain way, and the teacher, being, well, a teacher, wanted Evangeline to do the project as intended and there were a few occasions where Evangeline sat on the floor, under the table, or curled up on her chair and refused to do anything at all, driving her teacher absolutely nuts. (I have to stress that this was the exception to her behavior, and not the rule, but it was annoying enough that we've been debating the wisdom of enrolling in a fall course.)

Anyway, that's all background. Today I had to zip by the academy to pick up some papers from the director for an arts festival I'm helping to prepare. I'm expecting a quick in-and-out affair.

Well, as soon as we pull into the parking lot, Evangeline lights up so brightly I can see it in the front seat. The car is no sooner parked than she has unbuckled her seat belt. By the time I had Rachel unbuckled, Evangeline was not only out of the car, she was ready to go inside.

Rachel and I got inside just in time to see Evangeline coming back from the rear of the art academy, where she had washed her hands and was now all prepped for class.

The art director - who has always loved Evangeline and should not be confused with the teacher Evangeline had for the spring session - saw the look on my face and busted out laughing.

What could I do? It was a drop-in period where anyone can come in from off the street and do an art project. I picked up the papers I needed, then Rachel and I went off and left Evangeline to enjoy art class for the next two hours.

Incidentally, the summer program is much different from what I had expected, pricingwise, timewise and schedulewise, so Evangeline also appears to have wormed her way into regular art lessons over August, too. But I'll be damned if I'm taking her to a jewelry store when she's a teenager.

Evangeline also drew all these women with nothing but a mouse and Microsoft paint, for a Superman picture I started. I like her technique and the individual touches she brings to these figures.

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