Monday, July 18, 2005

Battle for the Supreme Court

Interesting article on about the push from the Religious Right to determine the next Supreme Court appointment.

I do believe this person has articulated fairly well one of my chief concerns with the strident efforts of the Religious Right to demand specific outward forms of behavior, belief and attitude from our elected and appointed officials. "Christianity Today" had another article, about Gonzalez and how the Right is accusing him of not being pro-life enough, when ironically his "pro-choice" decisions reportedly are based on his understanding of the law, rather than on his personal beliefs. Issuing rulings based on personal beliefs is what the Right calls, with a measure of accuracy, "legislating from the bench" and takes a good deal of umbrage at.

Politics masquerading as religion is distressing to see. Christ came to set us free; too often when the Religious Right or the Religious Left dabbles in politics (though we see more of this from the Right than the Left, which is only now speaking up), the goal is not to liberate people as much as it is to make people behave in a manner that we consider acceptable (no gay marriage, no foul language, no obscenity, and so on). Controlling people is not what Christ is about. Why is that people who call themselves his followers engage in it so readily?

God forgive us all for taking our eyes off the Cross, and being more concerned with having others do his will than with doing our will himself.

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