Tuesday, July 12, 2005

a messy faith

I set up a new mailing list today on Topica, called "A Messy Faith." My idea was to great a mailing list where I would send out articles/columns/musings/whatever you want to call it, essentially insights gleaned from my own spiritual journey.

I suppose, like every other writer on the face of the earth, I labor under the misapprehension that I have something to say that needs to be expressed somehow. Hence my thought of creating a list where I present my faith-related experiences and struggles openly. (Well, more or less. Personal problems are no one else's business.) It creates a platform to share my inner thoughts on such things.

In some ways it's an outgrowth of my efforts at prayer-journaling. I find it helps me focus on my prayer to write everything down like that. I did something like that a few weeks ago and my editing skills kicked in and forced me to face a lot of constipated thinking and excuses I had just been accepting. So I figure, if I'm going to do this, why not let someone else benefit from it too? That ties into my teacher nature, and you never know — it might help me get a raised profile as a writer and get me some of the inroads I'd like careerwise. If nothing else, it'll give me clips. (I've decided to set up a separate blog to archive the posts.)

Disagreement with my thoughts, of course, is not only expected but welcome. I just don't want don't want to turn it into an e-mail version of CHRefugee, for reasons having to do with the diversion of time from family that such a thing would result in. I can set up a separate list for discussion, or convert this to one with moderated discussion, I suppose, but that would depend upon the interest levels.

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