Monday, February 12, 2007

otolaryngology folo

And the verdict is, not only does Evangeline need tubes surgery, but proteinacious is a really cool-sounding word.
We had a visit with a different otolaryngologist today, and it was far more pleasing than the last two visits had been, even put together. Unlike Dr. Sable, the otolaryngologist we had today took the time to find out from us what Evangeline's history had been, explained in plain English why she thought tubes were necessary, and even answered questions. It was incredible. In five minutes I had got more information from Dr. Troaquin and had greater confidence in her diagnosis than I had from Sable at all.
Essentially, Evangeline has a lot of fluid buildup behind her ears. The fluid is dark because over time the liquid in the fluid may drain out or be reabsorbed, leaving behind an increasingly viscous muck. The muck grows darker because it is more proteinacious as the liquid disappears.
I love that word. Proteinacious. As soon as the doctor said it, my face lit up and I repeated it. It sounds like exactly what it is. I love words that fall off the tongue like that. Proteinacious.
Anyway, the tubes operation -- I had loads of these as a kid -- will provide an outlet for the gunk to escape. Her hearing should improve almost immediately. She'll miss a day of school for the operation, which is ironic, since the actual surgery takes only fifteen minutes. Routine stuff.
Now I just have to get Evangeline excited about the procedure. She seemed a little nervous today.

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