Monday, February 12, 2007

snow business

Today in the waiting room at the doctor's office, I proved once and for all that I have no shame, nor any dignity.
I had gone to the doctor's, owing to some congestion in my ears that isn't going away, in hopes that he could give me something to clear it up. I booked appointment for 1:30, figuring that would give me enough time after it was over to go to Evangeline's school and pick her up. Unfortunately, I hadn't reckoned on sitting in the waiting room for half an hour, and had nothing to read to Rachel.
So before long, we started pretending that it had snowed in the doctor's office, and we got to work. We not only shoveled a path through the waiting room, we started building snowwomen -- snowpeople, Rachel preferred to say, choosing gender-inclusiveness over gender-specificity. I thought things reached their peak when we made snowballs and I suggested we throw them through the window into the receptionist's office, but Rachel was determined to have every bit of fun she could with her snow.
So it was that if you had walked into the Family Practice Center just before two o'clock, you would have seen a grown man and his 4-year-old, stretched out on the floor, in a room with four other adults, waving their arms and legs about on the floor, and laughing as they had a grand time together. You probably would have thought we were nuts.
But I think we made the best snow angels I've ever seen.

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MJ said...

It's so nice to know someone that tries as hard as I do to assure that their children will have the most interesting stories to tell the therapist. Are you guys coming this weekend?