Sunday, April 01, 2007

take two

The house is falling apart
Once the walls were sturdy and offered support,
Once the roof was solid and it gave me shelter
when the rain fell and the wind blew.
The floors were sure under my feet.
I was at home here -- secure, safe, and comfortable.
Being here made me strong.

Now I bundle on clothes to escape the drafts,
And I shiver as the rain comes through the roof
and invades my sleep.
I seek refuge from what was meant to give me shelter,
And find that my greatest strength
has become my greatest source of grief.

You are strong as a tree,
mighty as an oak that is eaten from the inside.
On the day that your strength is gone
and you break from the burden you will not give voice,
I will be there for you
Even if this house is gone.

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