Sunday, June 17, 2007

cam and nancy

Solving mysteries is a popular interest in my family.
This is due in no small part to the debut of the new "Nancy Drew" movie starring Emma Roberts, which Evangeline saw on Saturday with one of her friends from school. She came back from the movies, excited by the story, which apparently has updated Nancy into a slightly more modern girl who ziplines out of harm's way, performs emergency tracheotomies on the spot, and solves a 25-year-old murder mystery in Los Angeles, of all places.
Rachel, a bit younger than Evangeline, has been busy enjoying the kiddie detective adventures of Cam Jansen, an elementary school student who uses her photographic memory to solve mysteries with the click of her mental camera.
I started thinking about Cam Jansen and Nancy Drew, in high school together and hating one another passionately. I picture them trying to solve the same mysteries, tampering with the evidence and creating false clues for one another to follow. It seems to me that this would be a film of extreme interest to the movie-going public.
If any studio heads are interested in producing this movie, I'd be more than happy to write the screenplay.

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