Thursday, July 26, 2007

harbinger of death

If you need better proof that cats are evil, this is it.
A cat at a hospice in Providence, Rhode Island, reportedly has a knack for knowing when a patient is about to die. He enters the room, sniffs at them, and if he curls up on them, doctors there know to call the resident's family, because the patient in question usually has about four hours to live.
The MSNBC article on Oscar the cat talks about relatives of patients appreciate the advance warning his visits have afforded them, and it notes that nurses at the hospite have dedicated a plaque to the cat for his compassionate care.
Bullocks, I say. The cat is either in league with the Angel of Death, marking unfortunate souls for collection, or he's doing the dirty deed himself, going in and killing patients in an as-yet-undetected manner.
Betcha they have cat allergies.

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