Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can we protect traditional marriage from its defenders?

Fear not, traditional marriage! The Republican Party is coming to rescue you from the chance that loving gay couple soon may enjoy equal legal protection.

Yes, U.S. senators Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and David Vitter (R-La.) are co-sponsoring the Marriage Protection Amendment, which would make marriage constitutional only for heterosexual couples. Larry Craig was charged with lewd conduct on June 11, 2007, after allegedly soliciting a police officer for gay sex. Vitter was identified that July as a patron of a brothel owned by the late Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

 Irony really is dead.

How on earth can you propose a constitutional amendment to "defend the institution of marriage" when your own peccadilloes have robbed you of any claim to the moral high ground? To put it another way, it's (not) great that they want to defend marriage from including couples; but who's going to defend it from them?

My mind would boggle if I still had one left.


Zero said...

Well, you have to put it all in context.

Just a week ago the House voted to grant immunity to Telecoms that helped out with the Bush Administration's warrantless wiretap program.

One of the congressmen involved justified this decision by quoting Thomas Jefferson, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Given that members of the House were using such ludicrous logic (Taking away freedom protects it?), it only stands to reason that members of the Senate would have to try something equally asinine.

Liadan said...

Apparently the joke around Bob Barr's sponsorship of the DOMA back in the day was "Which of his three marriages was he defending?"

marauder said...

My own marriage wouldn't require defending from you and your girlfriend, if you didn't insist on shooting at it from the church belltower every time it came into view.

Damn gay-rights snipers.

Zero said...

What makes you think she's aiming at your marriage?

How she keeps missing your noggin I'll never understand, but that doesn't mean it's your marriage that's under attack. Just you personally.

marauder said...

What makes you think she's aiming at your marriage?

Hel-lo! Liadan is an intelligent, hard-working, creative person who believes that her relationship with her girlfriend warrants the same respect as an analogous heterosexual relationship.

*CLEARLY* she's attacking my marriage. I thought that would have been obvious.

(Yes, I'm being ironic, in case any drive-by readers are missing it.)