Tuesday, July 12, 2005


We just got back from a library event where Evangeline was happily occupied for about 1½ hours, learning to tie her own balloons, along with about 25 other screaming children. (The only downside was when the balloon lady made only one Spider-Man balloon and didn't have time to make them for other children.)

Rachel and I stayed out in the children's section of the library and played with dolls, did puzzles and read a couple books. About 20 minutes before the balloon class ended, the librarian asked if Rachel would be interested in coloring a dragon scale for some sort of thematic display they have -- and then gave me a dragon scale too, because they really needed to get all the scales colored and illustrated, and all the children were busy with the balloons.

So for the next 20 minutes or so, I drew pictures of Violet and the other Incredibles, Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and Green Lantern. And of course I helped Rachel draw pictures on her scale too. Still, it was kind of fun. I looked around for the finished collection of dragon scales when we left, to see if I could spot our artwork, but no look. Maybe next week, when we go back to see the Reading Fairy.

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Newbirth said...

Hi Dave! [waves] Just doing some updating and housecleaning at my blog, and I noticed that you need to update your link to my Webpage and make it to my blog instead. :) Thanks!

Sounds like a fun time at the library!