Thursday, August 04, 2005

concering church membership

I had the following e-mail exchange today with the good people at The Wittenburg Door:

Dear Doorkeepers:

I am hoping you can help me resolve a quandary I am in, regarding church membership.

I recently talked with the pastor of a church I am interested in possibly attending. The last time I applied The Wittenburg Door litmus test to a pastor, he was excited to learn that you were still publishing, and it ended up being the best church I ever belonged to.

To my dismay, this new pastor has never heard of The Wittenburg Door. Should I rule out attending his church?

I await your response.

David Learn

Very slowly, so as not to arouse a fight or flight quandry, place a copy of the magazine in his cage and see if he:
(A.) tears it to shreds
(B.) urinates on it
(C.) Doesn't notice it
(D.) smiles

If it's anything other than (D.) go back to your old church.

In all seriousness, this new church seems intriguing -- for starters, it's based right here in the city where we live, so it'd be easier to get involved -- and I plan to attend one of their small groups next week, to see how it goes. If it doesn't seem like a good place, we'll stick with Zarephath Community Church a while longer.

But I hope The Door publishes my letter.

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