Friday, October 28, 2005

a milestone

Today, this blog received its 1,000th visit. Considering how eclectic it is, with everything from personal tsursis no one but me cares about, to odd humor and religious musings, and GOK what else, that's quite an honor.

What's neat about the traffic is where it's coming from. Most of my link traffic appears to be coming from Christian, Gay and Confused, a fascinating and well-written blog by a woman who is well, Christian and gay. For someone who claims to be confused, though, JJ writes astonishingly well and clearly. Can't recommend her site highly enough. The second-biggest source of link traffic is "Life in the Gaps," another blog written by a good friend of mine.

Yes, everyone should link to this blog, in order to aid my conquest of the world.

What's really fun, though, is the odd search terms people use to stumble upon this blog. Hydroencephalitis remains the most popular search term that leads here, a phenomenon I fuel each time I mention it. I can't help myself, though. It's too odd not to enjoy it. But at least I have a link to a useful site for people who are looking for information.

My favorite new search phrase turned up today. I've had people find this site by looking for information on rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem, and all sorts of unexpected search phrases. Today, someone found me by asking the question "how do you draw daffy duck when he's coughing."

It's a good question. If anyone finds the answer, please let me know.

1 comment:

JJ said...

Hey, glad I could help!

By the way, I had read your posts about your daughters' love of comics, and spiderman, and I almost commented because I so wish my family had been willing to let me play with 'boy' toys... I really got sick of dolls, barbies, and the like -- all I wanted was one of those hotwheel sets, and a light saber (sp?). But I didn't want you to start worrying about your daughters' sexuality. :-)

They sound absolutely precious, by the way!