Saturday, March 18, 2006

game night

We try every weekend to have one Game Night. This is when we put aside all the distractions that come and spend some time after dinner, an hour or so, and play a game together.
Game nights have all sorts of uses. It's family time, so it builds relationships. It teaches the girls sportswomanship, like how to be competitive without being vicious, how to take turns, how to lose and win graciously. Depending on the game, it also can build vocabulary and spelling skills, math skills, pattern recognition, deductive reasoning, strategy and critical thinking, and so on.
Tonight's game was Uno, and Rachel was in rare form, demonstrating not only her skill at recognizing patterns -- color on color, or number on number -- but also her color skills. She plays a blue card and says, "Brr! I'm cold!" She plays a yellow card and says, "Oh, I'm hot!" She plays a red card and says, "Oh, I'm warm!"
And she plays a green card and says, "Oh, I'm a leprechaun!"

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