Wednesday, August 16, 2006

someone else gets it

I am not the only person to hate Elmo. Joel Stein, whose column appears on Jewish World Review, also gets it:
Whereas Count Von Count markets math and Oscar markets the acceptability of negative emotions, Elmo, brilliantly, just markets Elmo, leading him to be the show's cash cow, or whatever misshapen animal he's supposed to be.
Stein argues, as I have, that Elmo represents the dumbing-down of Sesame Street, which used to teach actual, useful skills and to present knowledge in a format that children could appreciate. Now it's a show for preschool that barely makes a pretense of teaching them anything, except that they need to buy more Elmo toys.

When I spoke to a Sesame Workshop employee two years ago concering Elmo, she couldn't fathom why anyone would hate him. News flash: Most adults with small children do. Maybe if more people take the tie to express their loathing for the little freak, they'll wake up and smell the show crashing and burning before it's too late.

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bluesbaby said...

amen brotha!! I think we should organize a protest.

Brucker said...

Elmo markets the concept that it's okay for rpeschoolers to be self-absorbed wackjobs.