Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the lost relic of calcata

I've heard of all sorts of holy relics before: the Shroud of Turin,  skeletal remains of one saint or another, splinters from the Holy Rood (enough  of them to make dozens of crosses), and so on.
Somehow it never occurred to me that anyone would claim to have the foreskin of Christ. Once you  accept that someone did, it only makes sense to think that the Vatican might have stolen it just to shut people up and get rid of the  embarassment.

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Anonymous said...

What does over 2000 year old forskin look...never mind. Catholics! Only a bunch of Itlians would stand in line all say to to see a piece of Jesus' family jewels. then my family wonders what went wrong with me....logic, mom, logic happened to me mom. Crazy.