Saturday, December 02, 2006

christ the liberal

Behold, a story fom ABC News about whether efforts by some evangelicals to push their social action groups into dealing causes like global warming and poverty, which have greater meaning but less readily identifiable bogeymen than traditional evangelical causes like "Gays are corrupting our children" and "Abortion-rights advocates support murder!"

Not surprisingly, but still disappointly, those making these efforts are being pushed out of the organizations they're trying to take in new directions.

On the one hand, I admire the integrity of the fellow who resigned from the Christian Coalition when it became obvious that his broader goals didn't dovetail with their more narrowly defined agenda. And I agreed with the statement that anger and fear are more powerful motivators than compassion, which is why it's easier to raise the flag over gay marriage and abortion than over environmentalism and homelessness.

But I think the writer of the story, or the editor (or both) missed the point in this story, when it keeps talking about a divide among conservative Christians or conservative evangelicals. Hel-lo! The conservatives aren't split at all. The divide is between the Right and the Left in Christianity; the story is growing number of evangelicals and post-evangelicals who are identifying themselves with something other than the GOP; and it's the growing awareness of our responsibility to the whole message of Christ, not just to areas of morality that he never addressed himself.

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