Friday, January 05, 2007

what the hell

Hell is a blanket that will not keep you warm.

Hell is unrequited self-love.

Hell echoes like an empty mailbox on Valentine's Day.

Hell is winning the first baseball game of the season, and the last baseball game of the season, and every game in between.

Hell is the distance between yourself and other people.

The way to hell is paved with no intentions at all; we simply lay it one brick at a time, unthinking, on a long, steady, lonely slope that we tread our entire lives.


Anonymous said...

You should write devotionals....very uplifting. Daily Afirmations even....NO, seriously, I like what you have to say here. I do think hell is apathy more anything.

marauder said...

You're trying to get me to say it, aren't you? You really want me to.

OK, fine: Go to hell.


MJ said...

Dude, you know where I live. You've visited here. C'mon already...there's enough manure here to choke a...lot of freaking people.