Monday, February 26, 2007


We all know what oxymorons are. They're concepts or statements (usually from up above) that are plainly self-contradictory. In an age as cynical as ours, it's almost a sport to find oxymorons in everyday usage, such as
"three easy steps." Never mind the obvious ones like "jumbo shrimp"; just for the fun of it, I've compiled here a list of some of the most common honest-to-goodness oxymorons seen in everyday life:
  • train schedule
  • intelligence agencies
  • holy war
  • civil war
  • Microsoft Works
  • journalistic integrity
  • congressional ethics
  • common sense
  • funny pages
  • user-friendly
  • childproof
  • compassionate conservative
  • humble opinion
  • business ethics
  • postal service
  • tech support

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