Sunday, February 24, 2008

conservatism and liberalism

Here's a news flash for everyone: Liberal is GOOD. Conservative is GOOD.

Simply put, liberalism looks to move us forward to a better future, a better world for our children and for ourselves, and it looks to right the wrongs that exist in our society and in ourselves. It is not a philosophy of bedwetters and crybabies as some have claimed it.

Also simply put, conservatism is a desire to hold onto what is good within our world and our society, to uphold our traditions and values, and to hold onto what makes us who we are. It is not a philosophy of heartless people who are fearful of change, as some have claimed it.

Both liberals and conservatives are concerned with justice and with fairness. Both groups want peace, prosperity, and on and on. Both groups want to have what our parents did: the belief that tomorrow will be a better day than today was.

Where we disagree in is where the problems are and how to fix them. Conservatives in the U.S. at times have had an appalling desire to hold onto things that should be got rid of, and at times liberals have been too eager to throw out the baby with the bathwater and excuse new injustices in their rush to correct old ones.

I don't believe either philosophy is inherently wiser, better, or godlier than the other, though I've met, talked with and even been related to a number of people, both conservative and liberal, whom I've wanted to ask, "How do you breathe with your head shoved that far up there?"

One of the things that I've admired about Senator Obama is that I think he's going to help us get past the last 20 years of self-righteous posturing about how The Other Side is ruining all that's Good, Decent and Righteous in America. Our national leaders have been fighting the battles of the Sixties way too long now.

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