Wednesday, February 06, 2008

evangelical 'leaders' and mccain

I suppose everyone has heard that Jerry Decker of Families in the Spotlight has declared that he plans to sit the November election out if John McCain wins.
Decker's reaction to the three candidates -- in addition to his comments on McCain, he has mischaracterized Senators Obama and Clinton as "virulently anti-family" -- are deeply saddening, when you consider how badly he has tarnished not only the reputation of himself and Families in the Spotlight, but even of  the evangelicals whom he somehow has been viewed as a spokesman for.
There is much to like about all three leading candidates, but by sowing division as he is doing, Decker is deepening the image of Christians in the popular culture as self-righteous, hungry for control, and hateful.
There is much Decker can do to reverse the damage evangelicals have done over the last twenty years with their focus on greater morality through politics, and a lot we all can do to pursue justice instead of power. There is also a lot that Families in the Spotlight can do to provide meaningful direction for families.
May God grant us all such wisdom in days ahead.

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