Thursday, February 21, 2008

hooray for the rabbit

I hear there are some really great homeschooling curricula available for kindergarten. No thanks, I'll pass. I'm doing just great with Bugs Bunny.
Bugs Bunny, that quintessentially American wascally wabbit, is a homeschooling parent's dream. Not only is he a classical piece of Americana, not only is he is a laugh a minute in action, not only does he link my children to their parents and grandparents by common experience, he and his compatriots from the Golden Age of Looney Tunes provide the ultimate portal into everything a kindergartner needs to know.
You want history? Bugs Bunny fought Yosemite Sam at Bunker Hill, he sailed with Columbus on his voyage of discovery, and he matched wits with Napoleon Bonaparte. In harder-to-find cartoons, Dafft Duck fought the Nazis, Bugs Bunny sold war bonds, and

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