Thursday, April 24, 2008

Someone's not getting it. Is it me, or him?

That sound you hear is me, beating my head against the metaphorical wall.

Why on earth do I bother trying to explain the morality and sensibility of pacifism to someone who states up front that he considers it to be adolescent narcissicism? Why am I putting the time and effort into explaining that while violence may sometimes be justified -- someone is attacking my wife or kids, for instance -- it never can be considered a good thing, and that even a "just war" is by nature less moral than conscientiously placing yourself in the line of fire rather than claiming the life of another person?

Why is it that only Christians seem incapable of grasping the essential nonviolence of Jesus?

I have a headache...


Liadan said...

Well, clearly it's because your Jesus hates America.

marauder said...

He hates freedom, too. But I guess that's the same thing.