Monday, June 30, 2008

foreign language

Five years later, I find it ironic where we are today. Evangeline and Rachel are learning some Spanish, by virtue of living in New Jersey. They're not as proficient as I would like, but they have some basic vocabulary and understand a few basic questions when I ask them in Spanish.

Similarly, I've really stepped up the Haitian Kreyol this past year, so that they understand what I want when I say things like, "Vi-n isit! Se tann pou soti kounye-a, non?" or "Ban-m men ou you le n travese rout la." They don't answer in Kreyol yet -- and Rachel is very quick to complain, "Please speak in English!" when I go on long enough. But they're getting it.

And a month ago, Evangeline and I were chatting about languages, and I mentioned off the cuff about Esperanto. Wouldn't you know, she glommed onto it right away, and has made it a goal this summer to learn some Esperanto. So I sent away for the free lessons, and already have started going over some of the basic grammar with her.

No luck on Arabic or Chinese, though I have some hopes of getting something done at the charter school in the next couple years.

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