Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hell just froze over

Despite my earlier kvetching, I have beaten the system at its own game once again.
The cutoff date for first grade in our school district is Oct. 15. In order to begin first grade, you had to have been born at least six years ago by Oct. 15. If you were later than that, you need to wait until next year before you can enroll. Rachel was born Oct. 30, too late for this year.

Well, despite being born two weeks too late to enter first grade this year, Rachel has been approved for first grade this year, owing to her course of education at home the past year. This comes despite the many assurances I have received over the years that no one ever gets an exception from a school district's cutoff date, not never, not no how.
Teachers and administrators alike at the charter school are amazed that I pulled it off.
That fluttering sound you hear is pigs flying.

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