Sunday, August 24, 2008

rolling my chronometer upward

Today, August 24, is my birthday. I am turning 38. I therefore am inviting everyone who reads this blog to join in celebrating this annual event in the manner that seems most appropriate.
Some suggestions:
  1. Go on a pub crawl in my honor.
  2. Visit the library and lose yourself in a dozen good books.
  3. Go see "The Dark Knight."
  4. Take up either suborbital skydiving, or parasailing in the upper Jovian atmosphere.
  5. Write a letter to George W, Bush, asking if there is any loose change under the White House sofa cushions that you can have.
  6. Rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.
  7. Put on patriotic costume, and go out and fight crime.
  8. Make "Hussein" your middle name.
  9. Sit on a Whoopee Cushion during silent prayer at church.
  10. While out in public, turn to an unsuspecting member of the opposite sex and say, very loudly, "Motel room? Why do you want me to go to a motel room with you?"
Please note that Suggestion 10 also has a comical effect during silent prayer at church, but is likely to have you ejected from the service.

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