Monday, July 09, 2007

america-hating liberals

I can't believe the rank negativity I keep hearing from some liberals in regards to the war in Iraq.

In the years since the Bush administration began its initiative to remove Saddam Hussein from power, we've seen the emergence of a healthy, democratic society in Iraq with deep respect for personal freedoms and artistic expression. The Islamofascist groups like al Qaeda that practically ran the place under Saddam have disappeared, creating a largely secular society with tolerance for other belief systems. (And do you think it's any coincidence that more than half the boys born in Iraq since the invastion have been named "George?")

Iraq has become our nearest and dearest ally in the Mideast, second only to Israel, and the peace and prosperity it's enjoying have led to democratic elecitons in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Khazakstan, just to name a few. The proliferation of democracy and Western values in the Mideast also has encouraged Hamas to lay down arms and seek a peaceful relationship with Israel; and the few Taliban who didn't disappear after the invasion of Afghanistan have emerged, shamefaced, from hiding, and joined the initiatives in that country to bring lasting stability.

Honestly, we all know how much liberals hate America, but they shouldn't let that blind them to all the good things our current president has done for the world.

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