Sunday, July 15, 2007

dear god: church sucks

Dear God:

The question I've been coming back to for the last few weeks is this: If our curent approach to church is flawed and useless for me to draw near to you in worship, then what does work?

I'm willing to accept the notion of a Creator, even willing to accept the story of Jesus as a true one, but much else seems questionable.

God draws near to us. What then? What sort of response does worship require?

It's so easy to pass on the church right now, but I need to remember that the church is God's bride. It is not enough merely to say, "She's an ignoramus," unless we can see our own ignorance reflected in her, and to realize that the fault lies first with us and that we bring it to her.

Why is God so silent? How does he expect us to know his will when he does nothing to tell us?

Seriously, though, what does church look like for me? Small, cozy. Worship is impassioned and real -- probably on an acoustic guitar or some sort of keyboard. We explore Truth together in a variety of formats -- story, music, art, study.

What do I need to do to bring that about?

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