Tuesday, July 31, 2007

frontyard gardens

CNN has the second article I have seen in the past two weeks about people who have planted their gardens in their front yards.

Leigh Anders, who tore up about half her front lawn four years ago and planted vegetables, said her garden sends a message that anyone can grow at least some of their food. That task should shift from agribusiness back to individuals and their communities, said Anders, of Viroqua, Wisconsin.
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I wish I could have a bigger garden in my front yard; unfortunately, the yard is too small and too shady for such a garden to succeed. The sidewalk is little more than twelve feet from the front of the house, and the yard is dominated by a maple tree we planted in the front yard the summer we moved in. Additionally, the yard frequently is shaded by the house next door -- we have small lots -- and by our house as well.

I have been able to grow several things in the front yard, including strawberries, lettuce, sunflowers, hot peppers, and sunflowers. This year we also are growing green beans and wax beans there as well, with two tomato plants doing quite nicely in containers. I wouldn't mind eventually eliminating the rest of the sod we have in our front yard and replacing it with a combination of flowers and herbs.

The bulk of our garden is in the back yard, but it's plagued by a groundhog that has killed my cucumber, zucchini and squash plants. Eventually I hope to raise the beds enough to keep it safe from the groundhog, but I'm not sure how likely that is in the foreseeable future.

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