Thursday, July 24, 2008

Report: Woman stabs herself in foot during prayer

My wife just forwarded me a news story from MSNBC about a woman who stabbed herself in the foot, with a sword, during a Wiccan ceremony:
Katherine Gunther, 36, of Lebanon, Ind., pierced her left foot with the sword while performing the rite at Oak Hill Cemetery, police said. Gunther said she was performing the ceremony to give thanks for a recent run of good luck. The ceremony involves the use of candles, incense and driving swords into the ground during the full moon.

Rather unsympathetically, I suppose, my first thought is "I guess her good luck ran out."

A bit less unpleasantly, I find an ironic comfort in knowing that it's not just Christians who feel some times that the Divine has an unpleasant sense of humor when it comes to hearing our prayers. It's rather like praying for a sign, only to be given one that says Speed Limit 55; or asking for a financial break, only to be run over by an armored car headed for the bank with a load of deposits. (Still, I've never heard of any getting injured that badly at a prayer meeting.)

Best wishes to Ms. Gunther for a speedy recovery from her injury. I had the misfortune of putting a nail through my foot once, and that's nothing compared to a sword.

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Brucker said...

Heh, I realized today that my car (which was recently totalled) no longer makes that annoying rattling noise that I was praying God would help me fix.