Thursday, September 18, 2008

forgotten power

What's happened to us? We never hear songs like this anymore, or at least I don't, unless I'm listening to recordings. Music used to be something that inspired us, drew us together, made it possible to get through hard times together, and even made drudgery bearable.

Nowadays it seems like it's an empty exercise in narcissism, either of the singers who write only about themselves, or in the listeners who use their iPods as a shield against the world. It's hard to believe that only forty years ago, people were using music to bring an oppressive establishment to its knees here in America, speaking up for Civil Rights, protesting war, and not only imagining a better world, but believing that it was within our power to create it.

Where are the Pete Seegers of today? Does no one perform powerful music this beautifully anymore? I was in tears listening to this song, and I hope that you were too.

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