Sunday, September 09, 2007

aunt fran

The bad news is that I no longer expect to be in Georgia next week, which means that I won't be trying to strongarm my friends down there into an impromptu get-together in the Atlanta area.

The good news is that my Aunt Fran is going to live, and is headed toward some sort of recovery, though it probably won't be a total one. I just got this e-mail from my cousin Susan:

Scott just called to say that Aunt Fran sorted her mail (left handed) - saw the mail on the table and dragged it over to herself and opened everything - and is giving "The Look" that only a Mom can give when she's mad. She also smacked Scott's hand when he told her to not get up without a nurse present. He's going to give her a pen and paper to see if she can write.

Given that she's still feeling this headstrong and giving her son The Look, it seems like she has every bit the will to live that her older sister, my Aunt Julie, lacked most of her adult life. (Aunt Julie passed away in February.)

We got the news Thursday that Aunt Fran had suffered a major stroke sometime Tuesday night, fallen as a result and broken her leg, and had spent the entire next day on the floor of the bathroom. When she didn't show up for work the second day -- she's 70 years old and works at The Limited for something to do -- they called the sheriff's office, which contacted somebody else, and finally they got into her house and found her on the floor, alive but unresponsive.

Several tests later they determined that she had had a blood clot in her brain and apparently has lost control over the entire right side of her body. We were wondering if there would be a second, fatal stroke as sometimes happens in these cases, but apparently she's doing fairly well for the circumstances. She's always been a headstrong and independent woman, traits that I'm sure are going to help her make progress with her current situation.

So while I wouldn't mind meeting our Georgia operatives in person, I'm more than willing to bite back the disappointment and accept this arrangement instead.

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