Sunday, September 02, 2007

isla holbox and haiti

Still a little sunburned on my nose, but most of it seems to have faded, taking along with it much of the psoriasis on my legs, some on my arms, and even a little on my back.

That's a welcome change, considering how widespread the psoriasis has been the past year or more. It'd be nice for it all to disappear completely by the end of our stay here, but I am sure that is not going to happen.

In many ways this part of Mexico reminds me of Haiti. The buildings are similar, from the small homes -- though these have thatched roofs and relatively few of corrugated tin -- to the bigger buildings that house restaurants and businesses. Many of them are made of concrete and rebar posts, have the same sort of painted murals or signs, and so on.

The chief differences I can see are that everyone has electricity and it's on constantly, unlike in Haiti, where it was spotty at best; all the kids are fully dressed, and none of them runs around naked or without pants; and there are no beggars. The area is not wealthy, by American standards, but it's clear that the people aren't impoverished either.

The blans/gringos continue to own some of the most expensive businesses in town, of course, such as the Three Island and whale shark tours, and the jewelry store across from the restaurant where we ate last night. (That jewelry store, incidentally, is owned by a woman who grew up in Tuscon, we discovered.)

The spurs on my heels are really jagged right now. I'd love to get them smoothed away. (Aren't you thrilled to know?)

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